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The College Printing Press became operational in the year 2000 as a small Print Shop with limited resources. The initial objective was to print for the College, Africa Muslims Agency office and its institutions in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania. Later, it was decided to expand the Press and run it commercially in order to enable the College to meet part of its running costs. The expansion was done in the physical structure, human-resources and machinery. Now the Printing Press is a medium – sized print shop with a capacity of printing all types of jobs in black and white and full colour.


In the business operations, the Manager is assisted by Customer Services Senior Officer who takes care of all sales and marketing activities. In printing process, there are four sections as shown in the diagram below:-

3. Personnel

The College Printing Press has currently 24 employees – 22 full timers and 2 part-timers; compared to 2011, there are two additional employees – a Senior Printer and Assistant Paster. The distribution is as follows:-

1 Manager 1 Full time
2 Customer Care 2 Full time
3 Printers 4 (3 fulltime and 1 part time)
4 Binders 8 Full time
5 Artist/Paster 2 Full time
6 Graphic Designer 2 (3 fulltime and 1 part time)
7 Photographer 1 Full time
8 Type-setter / Secretary 2 Full time
9 Messenger / cleaner 1 Full time
10 Driver 1 Full time
TOTAL   24  
4. Machines and Equipment

In 2012, there have been quantitative expansions in machinery compared to 2011 as shown below:-
Table No. 30: Status of Equipment at the Printing Press

S/N Section Types of Equipment Number Status
1 Pre – Press Plate – maker 2pcs In good working condition
    Computer 5pcs In good working condition
    Printers 3pcs In good working condition
    Camera 1pc In good working condition
2 Off-set printing machines 2 colour printing (SORMZ) 1pc In good working condition
    1colour printing (KORD) 1pc (old) In good working condition
    1 colour printing (G.T.O 52) 1pc (old) In good working condition
3 Digital printing machines KONIKA MINOLTA C.6000 1pc In good working condition
    (Toner not available)    
    HP Colour Laser jet printers 1pc In good working condition
    Heavy duty photocopiers IR 6000 1-2pcs One not in working condition
4 Binding machines Cutting machine -90 (Polor) 2pc In good working condition
    Perforation machine 1pc In good working condition
    Stitching machine 2pc In good working condition
    Mini-Binder machine 1pc In good working condition
    Cold lamination machine 1pc In good working condition
    Folding machine 1pc In good working condition
    Electrical punching and closing machines 1pc In good working condition
    Letter press machine for numbering 1pc In good working condition
5. Cash flow January – December 2012 (in TZS.)

The total annual collections (January – December in 2012) is TZS 592,878,392 which is 123.52% of the projected annual collections of TZS. 480,000,000/=. Compared to 2011, annual collections reached TZS. 457,411,020, this year there is an increase of TZS. 135,467,372/=. (See table 36 for details).
Table No. 31: Cash Flow January – December 2012 (In TZS.)

S/N Month Credit Sales Collections Expenditure
1 January 123,525,000 93,708,500 16,007,461
2 February 51,190,000 28,735,00 68,521,559
3 March 17,024,906 32,412,610 29,023,176
4 April 18,709,000 22,153,926 18,570,791
5 May 32,285,800 15,578,100 20,834,371
6 June 65,143,490 101,681,670 28,593,837
7 July 38,347,800 37,985,808 21,766,357
8 August 29,496,000 40,149,412 18,899,250
9 September 43,021,995 27,851,900 22,239,376
10 October 21,646,308 14,768,728 19,878,556
11 November 47,968,320 103,586,813 ****18,985,964
12 December **74,265,925 *74,265,925 ***31,014,036
  TOTAL 562,624,554 592,878,392 314,334,734

* Collections Projection
** Credit Sales Projection
*** Expenditure Projection
**** This expenditure does not include TZS. 35,000,000/= spent on special approval (off- the budget) to buy machines.
In 2012, the Printing Press planned to spend TZS. 300,054,802/= but the actual expenditures were TZS. 314,334,734/=, an increase of TZS. 14,279,932/=.
Reasons for the increase are several including the following:-
(i) The change of tax payment system since stamp duty (1.5%) to VAT (18%) from January 2012 (221%).
(ii) Adjustment of salaries of the lower cadre employees in order to comply with the Government Circular on minimum wages (an increase of 47%).
(iii) Overtime payment increase for about 50% as a result of changes in salaries.
(iv) The increase in price of fuel and the frequent use of standby generator due to power cuts and supplies fluctuations (132%).
(v) More customers with increase in job require replenishment of equipment, regular maintenance (repairs and supply of consumables).

6. Closing stock balance

The stock balance as on 31/11/2012 (see table 33) shows that the stockvalue was TZS 97,978,900/=.
Some of the printing materials can take the Printing Press through the first six months of 2013. These include wood free paper (70gsm), NCR Paper, Art Cards, Plate gum and ink. Stocks for other items are either in small quantity or completely used out.

7. General remarks and recommendations

1. The printing Press should further expand its fleet (machines) in 2013 to include a large One Colour Printing Machine (A2size), preferable SORM Printing machine. This is in the 2013 approved budget.
2. It is equally important to acquire one perfect binding machine and agrinding machine for sharpening cutting blades. These are not accommodated in the 2013 budget. Management will propose an implementation plan for Higher Council in due course.
3. It is high time now to construct a new building for a modern Print shop. Management will bring detailed plan for the Higher Council for advice.